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The fate of
Assyrian Christian 
Villages in North Iraq
By: Majed Eshoo
Translated By:
M Challita

Assyrian New Year

Assyrian General Conference

Assyrian General Conference - AGC, is an Assyrians Iraqi political entity founded on the 7th of August 2005 in Baghdad, the foundation of AGC came due to the objective and subjective necessity which dictated itself in the Assyrian political arena.

AGC is build on the ideological foundations derived from historical, political, and humanitarian facts, and the absolute faith in the superiority of the Assyrian cause and legitimate Assyrian rights , above sectarian divisions and differences, therefore belonging to an Assyrian General Conference unencumbered by any church or sectarian affiliation, AGC is the umbrella for everyone believing in his Assyrianism.  And the conference believes in Assyrianism as the unifying identity of our people belonging to different denominations and churches, as a unified framework which has carried the banner of national struggle and is the rightful path towards achieving the objectives of the various components of the Assyrians people.

Assyrian General Conference seeks the establishment of an Assyrian territory in Iraq to be the embodiment of the rights of Assyrians in the beloved motherland, because the Assyrians are the indigenous people of the country. The province to be within a unified Iraq and related to a central authority to be based on the principles of democracy and equality, pluralism in a way that guarantees the rights of citizens and builds the state of law and institutions.The territory of Assyria is the natural outcome of the struggle of the Assyrians over the years and is the true guarantee of permanency of Assyrian presence in Iraq and maintenance of the Assyrian identity culturally, politically and humanitarianly.

Assyrian General Conference works within existing political frameworks in Iraq in order to contribute in building an Iraqi political system that builds the state of law and institutions, state preserves the rights and dignity of Iraqis and achieves a free dignified life of all Iraqis, and AGC rejects all forms of occupation and ancillary works to liberate Iraq and build its independent decision and eliminating all forms of dependence and foreign interference and influence.

Assyrian General Conference’s logo:

Logo of Assyrian General Conference consists of the map of Iraq amidst by the Winged Bull to denote the interdependence and the historic and fateful relation between the Assyrian national identity represented by the Winged bull and the Iraqi Patriotic identity represented by the map of Iraq, and the Assyrian General Conference conceders these principles as guidelines for the attitude and style of the national and patriotic performance.

Clarification 29.9.2008
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AGC - Meetings in Damascus - Syria 9.3.2008
 AGC - demand the release of Archbishop Paulos Faraj Rahho immediately 5.3.2008
AGC - Statement on Turkish intervention in Noorthen Iraq 26.2.2008
Assyrian General Conference opens its office in Turkey 11.2.2008
Assyrian General Conference opens its office in Syria 4.2.2008
Assyrian General Conference Statement on the Iraqi flag change 25.1.2008
Members of AGC attacked by Kurdish Peshmarga 4.9.2007
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Urgent a car bomb explosion in Telskuf 25.4.2007
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AGC Clarification 21.11.2005
AGC Declaration 25.10.2005
AGC- Release about the Iraqi Draft Constitution 15.9.2005
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