The Assyrian General Conference has followed the Cairo meetings (Iraqi reconciliation talks), and we have noticed a few irregularities. A few participants claim to be representing the Assyrian Nation, specifically Mr. Minas Al Yusifi General Secretary of the Iraqi Christian Democratic Party.

We would like to say bluntly, that Mr. Minas represents his own party, not the Assyrian Nation. Mr. Minas is the General Secretary of the Christian Democratic Party. His Party’s Christian agenda is different from our Assyrian Patriotic agenda.

Mr. Minas’s speech was based on his party’s political policy and affiliations. It was not based on any official position to represent the Assyrian Nation. The Assyrian people have always struggled against the fallen regime and its chauvinistic and biased political policy. Assyrians have always suffered under former Iraqi regime policy.

We as the Assyrian General Conference, the true Assyrian voice, affirm that the Assyrian stand is clear when it comes to the Iraqi politics and the struggle of the Iraqi people. We are against dictatorship, terrorists and oppression.

Assyrian General Conference

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