To our Assyrian people 

To the supporters of the Assyrian General Conference


Assyrian greeting 

The injustices endured by our people in this critical time dictate to all faithful sons of this people to join hands and work to get out of this situation which threatens our existence in our beloved Iraq, but unfortunately there are some who just wait for opportunities to confuse Assyrian situation and confuse our people, and given the critical circumstances through which our cause is going through, and the need for clarity of vision some clarification is needed. 

The Assyrian General Conference issued a statement on 25. 9.2008 regarding the local election law passed by Parliament and you can see the statement on the following link, , which the conference called for the intervention of the international community and international organizations to maintain the Assyrian presence and the rights of the Assyrian people and ensure the effective participation in the political process, and on 27.9. 2008 another statement appeared in some websites, bearing the name Assyrian General Conference, and due to  the principle of clarity we always  followed , We see it important to reaffirm  that the stands and statements of the Assyrian General Conference are  issued through the official website of the Assyrian General Conference , 

as for the attempts by some individuals pirating as Assyrian General Conference for their own goals, these attempts do not represent the  Assyrian General Conference, regardless of their contents, and the Assyrian General Conference keeps the right to take legal action to stop these abuses. 

Ishaia Isho
Chairman of the executive committee of Assyrian General Conference


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