Assyrian General Conference - Statement on Turkish intervention in Northen Iraq


Due to the impact of a military operation by the Turkish forces, the Iraqi land is witnessing a dangerous regional development. The Turkish military entered Iraqi territory, in their campaign against terrorist elements headquarters in Northern Iraq. This was in response to the frequent attacks by the terrorist groups.

 At this dangerous stage, the Assyrian General Conference calls on the Iraqi government to assume its responsibilities through effective implementation of the Iraqi Constitution. The terrorist groups need to stop the use of Iraqi territory as springboard to threaten the security of neighboring countries. Article 7 -II of the Iraqi Constitution, clearly states, "It is the responsibility of the State to combat terrorism and prevent the use of Iraqi territory as headquarters, corridor, or an arena for activities." Article 8, emphasizes the principles of good relations with neighboring countries, and non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries. Moreover, the Iraqi government should seek to resolve disputes through peaceful means.


Through their cooperation with, and support of terrorist elements, the Kurdish leaders bear the bulk of the responsibility for exposing Iraq to such interventions and operations. They are not worried about the consequences of the actions of their separatist and racist agenda. This apathy threatens Iraq and its people. We demand the termination of the ongoing bargaining between the parties in control of the Iraqi political process. This breakdown is leading to silence on what has happened.  The Kurdish leaders need to stop their support of terrorist organizations that use Iraqi territory as their base. Supporting and aiding the terrorists is bringing duress to the whole area.


Furthermore, we call on the Turkish Government not to hold the Iraqi people responsible for the anomalous behavior of some of their leaders. Those leaders who do not see beyond their narrow interests are the source of Iraqi trouble.

Long Live Iraq
, a United Land and People
Assyrian General Conference


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