Assyrian General Conference Statement on the Iraqi flag change


Despite the political crisis that threatens the fate of Iraq and its unity, we find the Iraqi Parliament lacks priorities, and is being dragged behind campaigns that seek to undermine matters affecting the Iraqi state.

The Iraqi parliamentary endorsement of the flag change, came about to appease certain parties by diverting attention from what is happening in Iraqi. It was designed to undermine national unity and the foundations of state affairs, such as the plunder of oil by some parties in power.
It is regrettable to see the Iraqi parliament yield to pressure from few parties that associate themselves to Iraq to implement their agenda. These parties have no Real allegiance to the devastated Iraqi nation. This reflects how fragile a link those forces have to Iraq, its civilization, and its people.
We in the Assyrian General Conference believe that changing the Iraqi flag was yet another attempt to escalate the stormy political crisis that is being exploited by some parties to pass their expansionist and partition intentions at the expense of the unity of Iraq's land and people.

We call on all Iraqi national parties to review their positions on partisan, sectarian, and ethnic attitudes when bargaining and take effective measures to save Iraq from attempts to partition it.

Long Live Iraq, a United Land and People

Assyrian General Conference

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