Members of the AGC, in Nineveh Governorate was
attacked by Kurdish Peshmerga


On 4.9.2007 one of our members of the Assyrian General Conference, in Nineveh Governorate was attacked by Kurdish Peshmergas, who are known as (GCC) and supported by the occupying forces, near the Nineveh hotel in the region. They have beaten, insulted, and taken him to one of their centers near the hotel without any reason or motive.

We at the Assyrian General Conference condemn this cowardly attack and hold the Iraqi government responsible as a result of these actions by the militias, especially in Nineveh Governorate under the guise of security forces. We also call upon the Iraqi government to purge of Iraqi national security apparatus of these corrupt factions to better serve Iraq.

Glory and Eternity to our Martyrs

Long live united Iraq
Assyrian General Conferene
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