Denunciation statement


The Iraqi people have witnessed a new crime which claimed the lives of many of our innocent Yazidi brothers and sisters. Iraq is being devastated by waves of religious, sectarian, and ethnic violence. This act is the continuation of a series of criminality, terrorism, and intimidation against the Iraqi people.

What has happened in Iraq, and the circumstances of its occurrence has coincided with the campaigns of extermination against the Iraqis, and are continuing the operations to eliminate the original inhabitants of Iraq. The process of eliminating the indigenous population of Iraq began, when the Assyrians became a target of terrorism in all its forms, manifestations, methods, and its source. The criminal efforts have converged upon the silence of the government and the political processes of displacement, systematic killing, and genocide. Today, more Iraqis reap the bitter fruits of that silence and those efforts that spanned today to claim the lives of more Iraqis.

We at the Assyrian General Conference deplore what happened in Sinjar and stress that what is happening to Yazidis and Assyrians and other Iraqis is part of a large organized plot to change the image of Iraq. Forces are seeking to erase the cultural and historical depth and coherence and to cut the ties between his sons in order to facilitate the division of Iraq. Here, we hold all honorable Iraqis responsible for maintaining diversity and the lives of the Iraqi people, as we hold the occupying forces responsible for the protection of all Iraqis, in particular nationalities of the people that have become a target of terrorism, Assyrians and others as is required by law and the international laws on occupying forces.

God bless martyrs of Iraq

Long live united Iraq

Assyrian General Conference

15 August 2007

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