Statement of the Assyrian General Conference on Assyrian Martyr Day


Oh great Assyrian people:

The Assyrian people commemorate Assyrian Martyr Day every year. Assyrian Martyr Day commemorates their struggle and is a symbol of the pure blood spilled on the path for freedom and for the glorification of their faith and their legitimate national goals. Today as we commemorate Assyrian Martyr Day, we as Assyrians and our civilization are facing the most notorious attack and elimination of our expectations, hopes, and even our existence. At the same time, we remember all our Martyrs and the day they joined up with glory and immortality in their struggle.

Today, we are facing a crucial phase which may be more dangerous over the course of our history. The chauvinistic abhorrent forces are not only trying to neutralize our role but are trying to destroy us. They are trying not only to destroy the Assyrianism but its civilization, both the political and humanitarian aspect of it.

Under these difficult circumstances, the Assyrian General Conference (AGC) was formed to expresses the aspirations of our people and their suffering. The birth of AGC came simultaneously with the Assyrian Martyr Day, August 7th, which is immortal today in the heart and conscience of Assyrians all over the world. AGC came to be the truthful voice for all Assyrians.

As an expression of bonding with our people, the Assyrian General Conference was born to continue the historic struggle of our people and the spirit of their values. In the belief that the birth of the conference was a necessity for our peoples situation, we pledge to our people and our martyrs that we will continue their struggle in the path of those who preceded us and ratified the Covenant and the people who worked wholeheartedly for the maintenance of human rights, identity, and values of Assyrians.

On this occasion, we remind every noble Iraqi that the nobility of Iraq is from the nobility of Assyria, the authenticity of the originality of the Iraqi is from the Assyrian civilization, and that Iraq is Assyria and Assyria is Iraq.

We call upon all the national forces that believe in Iraq and its history,  civilization, people and homeland, it's past and future. We call upon them to play their role in building a homeland for all Iraqis away from marginalization and exclusion, murder, intimidation and displacement.

Long live Assyrian people

Long live Iraq united

Glory and immortality to our Martyrs


Assyrian General Conference


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