Assyrian General Conference Statement


It seems that the dominant political forces of the so-called political process in Iraq are still determined to rush towards sharing the spoils without the slightest consideration of the dangerous situation which should no longer be tolerated.

One could infer from the scheduled meeting to be held between the dominant parties, since they have been given the governmental reins in Iraq under the abnormal circumstances known to the majority that accompanied the electoral process, are trying to tighten their ethnic, sectarian, partisan influence.   They are dividing Iraq at the expense of the Iraqi people and threatening the unity of Iraq every day.


Whomever, is looking for a real solution to the tragedy in Iraq should proceed in his/her search for solutions in an objective manner. They should go back to the nationalistic approach that forces all Iraqi to participate and play an active role based on true citizenship, not on the foundations of quotas and on imposing a fait accompli on the people of Iraq and its indigenous people, the Assyrians, and others.


The whole world has witnessed the extent of marginalization and exclusion that has been practiced against Iraqis. The world is witnessing today the political failure, lawlessness, economic devastation, social disintegration, and endemic corruption in the state agencies that are dominated by parties that led the so-called political process. A process that was generated by imposed democracy using Arms, relocation, militias, ethnic violence, religious, and sectarian violence.


The Assyrian General Conference confirms that the approach of exclusion, marginalization and oppression by these forces have not and will not produce fruitful solutions because what goes on in Iraq is the responsibility of all Iraqis. Iraq is the homeland for all its citizens and not spoils that are being shared among the powers that are trying to flourish at the expense of our homeland and its citizens. Iraq is for all Assyrians, Arabs, Turkmen, Yazides, and Kurds and it is not for Shiites, Sunnis and Kurds only.


It is time for Iraqis to stand up and denounce partition and quotas that are being promoted by some who find support and comfort with the occupying foreign forces. Iraqis should acknowledge their responsibility as indigenous people to protect Iraq.


Betting on the silence of different segments and Iraqi forces, which have suffered from marginalization, exclusion, and oppression is a loosing bet and Iraq must be built by active participation of everyone to become a free and independent Iraq, and a safe house for all its children.


Assyrian General Conference


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