Security problems are sweeping through the capital city of Baghdad; due to the absence of security forces; the terrorist groups are harassing and assaulting Assyrians in the Dora neighborhood, as well as other areas.  The terrorist are pressuring Assyrians to convert to Islam or leave their homes and their properties. Under the fatwa’s issued by the terrorists without the slightest regard to the concepts of humanity; many of our people turned to the Office of the Assyrian General Conference (AGC) in Baghdad for help.  To solve this problem the AGC Bureau officials have escalated these security problems to Iraqi officials in an attempt to stop these unimpeded assaults on Assyrian people and the people of Iraq.

Considering, this painful reality, the Assyrian General Conference calls on all those in the Iraqi government, to provide security to Iraqi citizens. They should take into consideration the extraordinary circumstances of this religious oppression imposed upon our Assyrian people in Iraq; who are being prevented from exercising their own religion and being denied to worship per their beliefs. The Iraqi government should do everything in its power to stop the brutality of this religious oppression, because it does not serve the unity of Iraq with all its components and religious nationalism.

Also, the Assyrian General Conference is appealing to all global institutions, especially the United Nations, the European Parliament and human rights organization to intervene immediately to stop the oppression and displacement of our people in Iraq, the Assyrian homeland.

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