Letter to his Excellency the honourable president Mr. Jalal Talabani,


Assyrian General Conference

To his excellency the honorable president Mr. Jalal Talabani,

Iraqi greetings ...

To begin with we would like to congratulate you on the occasion of taking up the responsibility of the presidency for the State of Iraq, wishing you success during these difficult times in Iraq which makes it inevitable for all Iraqis to gather and unite in order to work together bringing Iraq back to its prosperity and progress.

As we believe in the nobleness of Iraq's people and its unity with its different factions,relying upon our absolute faith stemming from history's facts and the reality that the Assyrians are the inveterate, indivisible part of the Iraqi people and that they're the first layer in building the Iraqi home which is incomplete without them, we in the Assyrian General Conference convey our obvious dismay on disregarding the Assyrians in your speech before the members of parliament on April 22, 2006 and we declare our tremendous concern that's there's a general tendency to disregard the Assyrian national existence reflecting a religious attribution on them at the expense of the truth that they're the true indigenous nationality in Iraq, cherishing at the same time the religious belonging of this inveterate people.

The Assyrians have contributed throughout history to the building of Iraq's civilization preserving its existence, as they were the pioneers in the path of strife for the freedom of Iraq, for equality, justice and democracy for all its sons and daughters.

The campaigns of suppression, killings, forced migration and opression witness to their commitment for Iraq, starting with the Simel Massacre which was the overture of the Iraqi State passing through a long series of afflictions and repression continuing with today's suffering.

The Assyrians are looking forward to an Iraq for all Iraqis, one Iraq with its people and land, skies and water. An Iraq where all its sons and daughters would equally enjoy their rights, your responsibility and that of all those in power is immense in this matter.

The Assyrian General Conference
April 24, 2006 A.D.
April 24, 6756 Assyrian Year

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