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Road Map for the future of the Assyrian Nation

Political Discussion
Report by: Isaac Asia 


A special political event was held at the Assyrian Society of United Kingdom on Thursday the 5th of March 2009 at 7.30 p.m


Mr. Shimshun Khobiar Shaba from Sweeden and Mr. Baram Zaia Bahram were the major guest speakers. Mr Shaba spoke on the establishment of an Assyrian Autonomy in the North of Iraqi including plains of Nineveh. Mr. Bahram spoke on the creation of a federal Assyrian State in the North of Iraq incorporating with the Iraqi Central Government.

The following is Mr. Baram Zaia Bahram speech.


Ladies and Gentlemen,

On behalf of the Assyrian General Conference and the Assyrian Nation, I would like to extend our sincere gratitude to the Assyrian Society of United Kingdom, giving us this opportunity to speak to you the concerns of our people with respect to their plight in the Future Iraq.

In addressing you Ladies and Gentlemen, I am assured my responsibility to speak on behalf of our people, the remnant of, once, a great empire that ruled over the entire Middle East.  However, at present, are rather helpless and dispersed people that have no means of power, except their strong will and ambition for survival and existance and their  legitimate rights in their homeland to be protected and they have struggled for that purpose years and years.

In the Iraqi Constitution in its introductory, they have waived all the Assyrian achievements to Iraq, such as Culture, Economy and the defence of the sovereignty and the unity of Iraq which have put the country side by side with the rest of the civilized nations, although the Assyrian have shed their blood and gave hundreds of martyrs to accomplish that matter, instead they have been neglected.  The Assyrian have been suffering opression and annihilation by the successive governments, since the establishment of the modern Iraq till this very day passing through he obscured period, forced them to migrate.  Since the massacre of simel in 1933 it did not stop the oppression but continued systematically forcing the Assyrian to flee Iraq in many ways, such as transgression and threat.

Demographic deviations occured since the conflict between the Kurds movement and the Central Government which took place in early 1960s, when the Assyrians were forced to flee their towns and villages, and their land.  Matters have been worsening since 1961 till 1969 which culminated in the massacre of the people of the Soriya village, in addition to the deportation of its inhabitant in 1970.

In 1988 during the (Anfal) booty operations a great number of the Assyrian lifes were victimized between dead and homeless for no guilt whatsoever, and up to the second Gulf War when the North of Latitude (36) was enforced on Iraq the Kurds separated the area and Kurdified the Assyrian lands and their villages, and publicly and officially changed the demography of our fatherland,  and genocide the Assyrian people in the North of Iraq, continually and until the writing of this statement.

Furthermore after the liberation of Iraq in 2003 the Assyrian people were expecting relief and prosperity in the modern Iraq, It entered a new phase in its political process in sorting out its problems of its national and religious rights, but instead it created a state based on sacterian and consensus in the absence of the Iraqi National agenda which will represent all the Iraqi factions and the Assyrian became victims due to their compromise for their own interest on Assyrian account, and this policy caused the flee of half a million of Assyrian Christians to the neighbouring countries, and sought refugee status and are living in a painful and tragic condition.

We the Assyrian General Conference fully support:

1. A Federal Iraq, to guarantee the intergrity and sovereignty of Iraq.

2. A Secular regime where religion and state are separated constitutionally.

3. A Democratic Iraq, where democracy encompasses all the aspect of the Iraq State.

In a Federal Iraq with a constitution based on equality and freedom, our vision is obscure when we see the Assyrian villages, has been usurped, and their land in all he region, has been transgressed, they must be returned to their legal owners and remove all the injustice that has befallen on our people due to these policies which disregard the rights of the Assyrian people in Iraq, as well as the right of the Assyrian, to preserve their identity and existence in the land of their ancestors (Assyria) and preserve both the Social  and Cultural, rights.

In the light of the above, it is very important that the Assyrians are recognized as in indigenous people of Iraq and, and Assyrian Federal State to be established in the North of Iraq with the following Geographical borders, incorporate with the Iraqi Central Government.

North:      The international borders of the State of Iraq with Turkey and Syria.

East:        Including the Nirwa Rikan region down to the Greater Zab river.

West:       The Tigris River,

South:      The point where the Greater Zab meets with the Tigris river.


1.    The Iraqi Constitution. Articles: 1, 14, and 119

2.    In 1918 Britain found in Mosul a fundamental part of Iraq to be established, as the Bitish High Commissioner declared and instated representation of the Arnold Willson, and the reasons that formalated this British Vision embodied for the future of the Mosul State is in three points, one of them is the ecconomic factor and the second is to push the Turkish border beyond the natural borders, repreenting in mountains, but the most important factor of the three and the decisive factor was the Assyrian position, to secure them to live in their original homeland and their return to their own land and villages, in the Mosul State and the surrounding areas, therefore it was attached to Iraq.

3.    The legality plan throughout the organizations and the League of Nations resolution, the Assyrian rights has been documented throughout organization and the League of Nations resolutions and their rights has been documented too by recommendation issued by the League of Nations  at its 14th session on the 15 October 1932, which declared to settle the Assyrians in a homegeanous Unit in their land to preserve, practice and implement their rights and their charter, these recommendation has been annexed by a declaration No. 69 issued by the League of Nations, to protect the Assyrian Rights.  All this provides the Legallity factors and the legitimacy of the Assyrian State, at the same time this demand is tottaly conformable with the Iraqi Constitutin.

Thank You.

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