Assyrian general Conference Statement

Regarding Atheel al-Nujaifi proposal of Nineveh province


Once again, a political plan has surfaced on the Iraqi political arena, plan which disregards our rights as people and the facts of history, a plan based on the indifference of the bitter reality which the Assyrians are enduring in their historical homeland, in this context emerged the latest statements by Mr. Atheel al-Nujaifi regarding the proceeding towards the establishment of a province within the administrative borders of Nineveh governorate prior to the military operations 2003.

This proposal represents a dangerous violation of the Assyrian merit people to practice his right in self governing in a province on the Assyrian historical lands, since the past times and experiences have proven the failure of the successive regimes to the administration of the country in dealing humanitarian and political and national True with the Assyrians and their cause, this proposal is practically isnt more than a confiscation of the Assyrian land that remained out of reach for the Kurdish authorities, to come under an Arab administration, which in turn proved its failure, the lack of seriousness and even disregard in dealing with the Assyrians and their rights through the administration of the governorate of Nineveh.

The establishment of such a province, in the proposed form is a real threat to the Assyrian existence in the homeland, if achieved it will be a repeat of what happened in 1991 when the Kurdish entity was established on our land, unlawfully, the consequences resulting from the establishment of the province referred to by the governor of Nineveh governorate will include but may not be limited to the following:

-        The division of our peoples lands between two provinces,  namely dividing the rights of our    people between two parties whom are conflicting or harmonizing in accordance to their interest ,  regardless   of the right of our Assyrian people  based on the International conventions, and historical documents documenting the foundation of the Iraqi state, and the direct contribution of our people and its decisive role in the annexation of what was known as mosul vilayet to the then-emerging Iraqi state.

-        The division or our people between two administrations, hence returning to the situation at 1991, with all the negative repercussions on our people and decisions, and the re- kurdification and re- arabisation, according to the interests of the administrations ruling each of the two provinces.

-        Any process of correction and normalization of the situation will be not possible, because it would be subjected to compromises of two administrations that are only care about sharing the interests, denying the Assyrian people its legitimate claims, and any to re-normalization outputs will be diverted to the favor of "the two provinces."

the events in todays Iraq , i.e. the proposition of the Nineveh province, is a process of dividing the plunders between the influential powers in todays Iraq, aftermath their work to Empty Iraq of its indigenous people and the real heirs of its culture and soil.

Today, The international community is required to stands by the human, historical, national and political right of the Assyrian people to establish its own province on its lands, after the elimination of the power of  influential forces  that exist today, whether it is in the governorate of Nineveh, or in the areas subject to the Kurdish powers, also the international community today is obligated to confront  any project which enhances the bitter reality of the Assyrian people, and to work to correct the conditions of this struggling people.


 Assyrian General Conference





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