The Concluding Statement
of the Assyrian General Conference
held in Baghdad from 5th – 7th of August 2005.

The Assyrians are the indigenous people of Iraq whose rights are typical Iraqi ones in the course of freedom.

Oh! You spirits in heaven…
Oh! You great Assyrian people…

 On August, 7th 1933 the land of the ancestors was saturated with the blood of their descendants.
On August, 7th 1933 Iraq was stabbed for its being Assyrian.
And on 7th of August 2005 the Assyrian General Conference concluded its sessions in this immortal day after two days of extensive discussions and debates concerning the current circumstances and political changes, and the position of the Assyrian people in the Iraqi political equation. This position which was neglected and marginalized for long decades full of sufferings and ethnical doubts as well as national expatriation.
These noble people were also charged with being agents for the foreigners. All these false accusations were directed against these honest people who expressed their strong wish to keep close to their homeland, sticking firmly to their Assyrian National Identity. And insisting perseveringly to take their place as a fundamental brick in building new Iraq.

Oh! Assyrian struggling masses
The resolutions of the Assyrian General Conference are set to express the ambitions and expectations of our Assyrian people. These resolutions are well distinguished for being submitted daringly and clearly on both levels: Iraqi patriotic level and Assyrian National level. The sessions of the Assyrian General Conference resulted in the following:

On Political Level:

1- The Assyrian General Conference is with the unity of Iraqi people and land.
2- Iraq is a nation of various and numerous nationalities and religions.
3- The Assyrian General Conference emphasizes a complete sovereignty and
independence of Iraq and refusing all sorts of subjection and occupation.
4- All Iraqis are equal before the law and in the law.
5- The Assyrians are the indigenous people of Iraq.
6- The two rivers (Mesopotamian) culture and heritage are properties of Iraq and their
protection is the responsibilities of all.
7- Depending on year 1921 in regards of demographic changes.
8- The Assyrian General Conference demands complete evacuation of all Assyrian
villages and lands which were arbitrary encroached and usurped, and to rebuild them   
and compensate their original owners.
9- The Assyrian General Conference believes in a democratic, pluralistic and federal
system, and the conference demands an Assyrian Federal State in Nineveh’s plain and         
in all the other historical places where our people live and other national constituents   
and sects such as Turkman, Yezidis, Arabs, Shabak and Kurds.
10-The Assyrian General Conference emphasizes the necessity of facilitating the return
of the emigrants to their homes and providing them with their needs in such a way to
establish their settlement and remove all sorts of injustice and oppression.
11- The Assyrian General Conference demands the International Community to condemn
the crimes committed against the Assyrian people by the governments that took part 
in those crimes, and to oblige them to offer their apologies and compensate them.
12- The Assyrian Language should be considered as one of the official languages of the    
State of Iraq.
13- The Assyrian General Conference requires that the Assyrian Language should be
taught as a national and historical language in all schools in Iraq and regarding it as
educational heritage and cultural base of Iraq.
14- The Assyrian General Conference demands inserting a historical Assyrian Symbol in
Iraqi Flag.
15- The Assyrian General Conference supports the separation of religion from state, 
ensuring the respect and practice of all the religions in the society. 
16- The Assyrian General Conference believes in the principles of the separation between
the three branches of authority (Legislative, Executive, Judicial), and emphasizing
the Independence of the Law.
17- The Assyrian General Conference believes in equality between man and woman in all
18- The Assyrian General Conference rejects all sorts of terrorism.
19- The Assyrian General Conference emphasizes complying with all the articles of the
International declaration of the Human Rights.
20- The Assyrian General Conference attempts to spread the Education of Peace, Justice
and Fraternity.
21- The Assyrian General Conference emphasizes the necessity of participation of all the
Iraqis sects in the process of drafting the constitution.  
22- The Assyrian General Conference calls for the abolition of mass destructive weapons
in the Middle East.

About The Internal Assyrian Affair:

1-Requesting  Iraqi Government to provide suitable circumstances for the Assyrians to
return to their original places north of Iraq especially after being targeted and exposed  
to organized oppression. The conference also demands dispatching letters to the
Assyrian and humanitarian organizations asking them to prepare the right
circumstances for the Assyrian people to possess estate in Iraq.
2-Employing Assyrian abilities in Iraq and abroad to deep root firmly the Assyrian
existence in Iraq (Mother Land)
3- The Assyrian General Conference instigates the Assyrian people to join all the firms
of the state, civilian and military .
4- Forming a committee consisting of parties representatives, churches and of
academic educated people to draft the national document (constitution of the Assyrian
5- Forming an Assyrian economic committee to undertake the planning to activate the
economic part for the Assyrian National Effort.
6- Forming an independent media committee to deal with the Assyrian cause in general,
and to ask the central government for support.
7- Consolidating the Assyrian National Effort with highly qualified and competent
Assyrians who are deeply interested in the Assyrian case, this can be achieved by
forming a committee which would provide study opportunities available concerning 
all specializations .
8- Forming a committee to undertake the process of coordinating the Assyrian Ballot for
the upcoming election.
9- Emphasizing and raising the women’s role in the political and educational process.

Throughout these resolutions we have founded direct, patriotic, brave and national program that require personal and objective abilities represented by the masses of the Assyrian support in order to implement it.

Long live our beloved homeland
All the glory and immortality for the great martyrs of the Assyrian Nation.

Assyrian General Conference
August 7th 2005


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